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Beware of the dragon: Africa should not look to China” at this IQ2 debate at Cadogan Hall in London, November 2011.

Defeating Dictators: Fighting Tyranny in Africa and Around the World on CSPAN, Oct 29, 2011.

Africa’s Cheetahs Versus Hippos“, George Ayittey, Ted Conference, June 2007.

On Dictators

The Failure of African Socialism

Speech to International Sudents for Liberty, Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC, Feb 15, 2014.

On Uganda’s Coconut Elections

At The Africa Media Leadership Forum (AMLF), Dakar, Senegal, Nov 2012 and the Cameroon Minister of Communication Reaction

ESAT on Defeating Dictators Ethiopian Satellite TV (Nov 2011)

Time With David

Poverty Cure

Strides in Development: On Foreign Aid

On Foreign Aid (Oslo)

Market Place Revolution


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