About the Foundation

President’s Message

The freedom that Africa fought for from colonialism was perfidiously betrayed. True freedom and development never came to much of Africa. Independence was in name only. One set of masters (white colonialists) was replaced by another set (black neo-colonialists) and the oppression and exploitation of the African people continued unabated.

Freedom is NOT Negotiable

Mission Statement

  • To advocate and seek establishment of which will help promote and safeguard the four cornerstones of freedom: intellectual freedom, political freedom, economic freedom and religious freedom;

  • To free Africans from intellectual bondage, empower them to take charge of their own destiny and devise African-based solutions to Africa’s problems;

  • To resist the imposition of alien ideologies and systems on Africa;

  • To provide an “African input” in international fora and the formulation of Western (aid) policies toward Africa.

Dr. George Ayittey

Dr. George Ayittey
Dr. George Ayittey

George Ayittey is a Ghanaian economist, author of several books on Africa and president of the Free Africa Foundation in Washington DC. He is a retired economics professor at American University, a Fellow at the Independent Institute, the Atlas Foundation and an associate scholar at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. He was ranked among the “Top 100 Global Thinkers” by the Foreign Policy magazine in 2010.

“Cut out the crap. A dictator is a dictator is a dictator. No such thing as a benevolent dictator The only good dictator is a dead one”– Dr. Ayittey to the International Students for Liberty Conference, Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC, Feb 15, 2014.

Board Members

Dr. Larry Diamond
Senior Research Fellow
The Hoover Institution
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305

Mr. Bruce Bartlett
Senior Fellow
National Center for Policy Analysis
Great Falls, VA

Mr. Mezgebou G. Amlak
Atlanta, GA

Mrs. Audna L. Nicholson
Washington, DC

Sir James R. Mancham, K.B.E.
Former President
Seychelles Islands, East Africa

Mr. John Fund
Editorial Page
The Wall Street Journal

Makaziwe Mandela, Ph.D
Witswatersrand University
South Africa